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About Us

WHO WE ARE?: Founded by keyboardist/music arranger Branden Cheok since 2003, <<INFINITY MUSIC>> is a Malaysian independent artist band delivering borderless, high-impact live band performances and music recording projects to clients all over the world.

Cover Photo - Infinity Music Live Band

Cover Photo – Infinity Music Live Band

Utilizing our core <<MIDI-FUSION>> technology, fusing traditional acoustic instruments with state-of-the-art digital music technologies (including MIDI programming, digital synthesizer and vocal effects powered by the world’s most powerful keyboard – Yamaha Tyros-5 and various electric guitar multi-effects), Infinity Music is capable of delivering a wide range of musical styles from chinese and english oldies, to soothing instrumental performances, romantic ballads to latest pop hit songs, all the way to rock music, K-pop and even beat pumping dance tracks!

What is Infinity Music <<无限谱>>?
  • Infinity (无限 pronounced as wú xiàn)  means borderless.
  • In chinese, “wú xiàn” can also mean “Without Lines” (无线).
  •  A typical musical stave consisting of 5 parallel lines is called “Wǔ Wiàn Pǔ” (五线谱) .
  • Therefore Infinity Music can be directly interpreted as borderless music <<无限谱>> or indirectly interpreted as musical notation that is not bounded by the staff lines <<<<无线谱>>

Our vision is to deliver borderless, high-impact music by fusing traditional acoustic instruments with state-of-the-art digital technology, fusing passion with professionalism!

What is MIDI-Fusion?
Our core technology that allows us unleash unlimited possibilities and musical creativity to out clients!

  • MIDI means the use of digital music programming technology, allowing digital instruments to know in detailed precision when to play a note, what sounds and effects to use and how it should be delivered. Coupling MIDI programming with a powerful arranger keyboard like the Yamaha Tyros-5, we are able to arrange more than 16 super realistic audio and instrument tracks (coupled various advanced multi-effects) to perform simultaneously live. Unleashing the power of a full orchestra, a full rock band line up, or even the most sophisticated electronica dance track live to your event!
  • Fusion means openness in music, fusing acoustics instruments (including Chinese traditional instruments) with modern state-of-the-art digital technologies to unleash a wide range of musical possibilities.



Started off as a live performance band, Infinity Music is aspired to become Malaysia’s Premier Music Service provider. Built upon a strong foundational vision to fully utilize the unlimited power of fusing acoustic music with digital technology, and an undying passion to bring professional and creative music to the public, Infinity Music have since grown and expanded its various musical domain, becoming a reknown one-stop music service provider, providing

  • live band performance,
  • music and theme song production,
  • high quality PA system & equipment rental,
  • wedding emcee,
  • event photography and videography services

all under one roof!


What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Us Different?: The three main success factors that made INFINITY MUSIC different from the clutter is

  1. its foundational vision to fuse acoustics with state of the art digital technology,
  2. its passion to maintain the highest professionalism standards,
  3. its mission to bring high-quality services conveniently under one roof to clients all over the country.

Expand the points below to read-up more about our differentiating success factors.

MIDI-Fusion Borderless Music
INFINITY MUSIC has a very  open and creative approach when it comes to music. It’s vision is to fuse traditional acoustic instruments ranging from chinese flute and er hu to acoustics guitars with state of the art digital technology powered by the world’s most powerful arranger keyboard and electronic software and hardware effect professors. This allows INFINITY MUSIC to deliver a wide range of musical styles from chinese and english oldies, to soothing instrumental performances, romanic ballads to latest hit songs, all the way to rock music and beat pumping dance tracks. 
Powered by the world's MOST POWERFUL Keyboard (Yamaha Tyros-5)
INFINITY MUSIC is the only band in Malaysia that deploys the world’s most powerful arranger keyboard in the world (the Yamaha Tyros-5) in all of it’s live band performances. This allows Infinity Music to deliver super realistic instrument sounds (using Tyros-5’s super-articulation 2 voice technology), rich ensemble voices (using Tyros-5’s <<String Ensemble>> multilayered technology), a wide range of ultra-realistic drum sounds, advanced vocals and synthesizer effects, etc. Using MIDI programming technology, we are able to arrange more than 16 super realistic audio and instrument tracks (coupled with advanced multi-effects) to perform simultaneously live from the Yamaha Tyros-5. Unleashing the power of a full orchestra, a full rock band line up, or even the most sophisticated electronica dance track live to your event!

Coupling digital technologies from the Tyros-5 with real acoustic instruments and electric guitar effects, Infinity Music is able to deliver a wide range of music with great quality, realism and impact!

Continuous Improvement as a fixed band
INFINITY MUSIC is a fixed band consisting of fixed/permanent band members operating with it’s own practice & recording studio. Being a fixed band allows the Infinity to continuously improve its quality, pushing the limits to expand its creativity, equipment and technologies to produce better music over the ages. Since it’s founding year in 2003, Infinity has acquired various experiences from its projects, grown in diversity of its talent and services, acquired it’s own music recording studio and video production studio and expanded its musical capabilities by folds by fusing more interesting instruments with more advanced technologies. Today Infinity Music is one of the most versatile band providing a wide range of high-impact musical styles in its performances and will continue to expand its capabilities and technologies in the future!  
One-Stop Event Service Provider
Founded on an undying passion to bring professional musical service to the masses, Infinity Music has now grown into a full fledged, one-stop event service provider that brings high-quality live band performance, PA system, wedding emcee, event photo & videography and instant photobooth all under one roof! This allows the client to enjoy the consistent professional quality across all the Infinity Services without the hassle of coordinating with multiple suppliers. Besides gaining the convenience and consistent quality, the client also gains a better discounted package price when getting all the services from one centralized service provider. Consistent quality, hassle-free coordination and best packaged prices has made Infinity Music one of the best go-to places for your event needs!


Our Services

 Live Band Performance

Utar Ball Band Performance
Infinity Music is Malaysia’s premier MIDI-Fusion Live Band. Fusing traditional acoustic instruments with state-of-the-art digital technologies, the band is capable of delivering a boundless array of music styles ranging from golden Chinese and English oldies to the latest pop hits, jazz, boss nova to romantic ballads, rock, hip hop and all the way to advanced rave and dance tracks.

 PA System & Equipment Rental


Infinity Music uses only top graded equipment from world renown brands for all of its PA system packages. Because of its indisputable sound quality, attractive package prices and professional service, Infinity Music PA Systems have become the top choice for various events of all scale and functions in Malaysia.

 Wedding Emcee


Infinity Music has an in-house experienced emcee that grows along with the team. Clients can now enjoy the hassle-free peace of mind by only coordinating with the emcee, and the emcee will coordinate the rest of the team including the live band, the PA systems, the audio video slideshows, the venue/restaurant, etc ensuring flawless execution during the preparation stages as well as the actual event day itself.

 Music Recording & Production

30hours famine sonar small

Infinity Music has it’s own full-fledged recording studio, housing some of the most advanced music recording equipments, various state-of-the-art hardware and software effects processors. Coupled with its highly skilled and talented band members, Infinity Music is one of the leaders in delivering high quality music composition, recording, and arrangement projects to clients from the event and media industry.

 Photo & Videography

ipv-featured image-small

Infinity Photo & Video is a subsidiary company to Infinity Music that utilizes state of the art technologies to provide creative photo & video solutions for your event needs, including pre-event photo & videography services, actual day photo & videography, instant photobooth, video live-feed projection, etc.

Your One-Stop Event Solution


One of the main differentiator of Infinity as a service provider is its one-stop event solution convenience. Clients can now get high quality live band, pa system, event emcee, photo & videography services at an unbeatable package price, and enjoy hassle free coordination with our One-Stop event solution packages!


Great music and performance!!

Great music and performance!! � love them a lot!

Priscilla Yue Jia Chee
Sunday, September 2, 2018
Double Power 30-hours Famine DIY Camp

Very professional and helpful team

Very professional and helpful team. Could suitably controlling the music based on the different session such as opening, VIP talk, eating time, lucky draw, etc. The team is very committed and stay till the end of program. Feel so appreciate and worth getting them to serve us. Will surely get them back for next program. […]

Chuang Kuang Hong
Sunday, July 8, 2018
Resident Association of Taman Ehsan Selangor
Taman Ehsan Family Day

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