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Other Equipment & Add ons


Add RM400 for 2 number of wireless mic.

Professional Wireless microphone (IVA UX-200D):

Features Accessories
· True diversity UHF receiving system
· Audio compression-expansion technology to reduce noise and increase dynamic range
· LCD panel for user-friendly information display
· Built-in 100 pre-set channels with iACT (Infrared Auto Channel Targetting) synchronization
· Fully digital controls for individual channels – frequency, volume, mute and squelch
· Output level and dynamic range are accurately pre-adjusted to match the
microphone capsule’s sensitivity, ensuring optimal performance
· Ideal wireless system for professional multipurpose venues
· Detachable antennas for safe storage
· 19″ ear-piece bracket supplied for rackmounting

· Robust, ergonomic housing design with LCD display panel for frequency and
battery power monitoring
· Rugged microphone grill with built-in anti-pop filter and anti-roll ring
· Excellent frequency response for accurate audio reproduction
· Extremely low-handling noise
· Low battery power consumption
· Using common “AA” size batteries

mixer n mic

Add on extra MSR400 loudspeaker for only RM350 each   

Add speakers to provide better coverage for larger halls and outdoor events

Yamaha MSR-400 Powered Speaker

  • Total of 400 watts Maximum Output Power.
  • 12-inch cone type woofer, 1.75inch high-frequency horn driver.
  • High quality monitor speakers.
  • Balanced inputs connectors for noise-free sound reproduction.
  • Input levels from -36 dB to +4 dB.
  • EEEngine technology provides maximum output with minimum power consumption.

msr-400speaker with stand

Add on extra MSR800W Powered Sub-Woofer for only RM450 each

For dance and party events requiring solid bass reinforcement

Yamaha DXS15 powered subwoofer

  • Yamaha’s high-end mixer.
  • 16 channels for large nos. of instrument, microphone, CD player inputs.
  • Balanced input and outputs for noise-free sound reproduction.
  • Built in compressor & preamps.
  • Build in 24bit effect processor.




Equipment Spec & Quality

Best equipments from world renown brands.


YAMAHA is a world-wide leading brand which produces prime quality music instruments and pro-audio equipments. It is a trusted brand that delivers reliable and unprecedented quality when it comes to audio, acoustics and sound production and projection.

All our loudspeakers, mixers and powered subwoofer provide are Yamaha’s high-end products!

CANARE Japan is a world leading brand producing high grade studio quality cables that is used in world famous recording studios,  auditoriums as well as live concert applications.

NEUTRIK is the world leading brand producing the best connectors used in high grade recording studios, auditoriums and live concert applications

From connectors to cables and speakers, all our equipments are high-end products, ensuring pristine quality sound reproduction throughout the whole system chain.

Yamaha’s best powered loudspeakers:

Yamaha MSR-400 Powered Speaker


  • Total of 400 watts Maximum Output Power
  • 12-inch cone type woofer, 1.75inch high-frequency horn driver
  • High quality monitor speakers
  • Balanced inputs connectors for noise-free sound reproduction
  • Input levels from -36 dB to +4 dB
  • EEEngine technology provides maximum output with minimum power consumption

High End 16-channel Mixer:

Yamaha MG166CX 16-Channel Audio Mixer


  • Yamaha’s high-end mixer
  • 16 channels for large nos. of instrument, microphone, CD player inputs
  • Balanced input and outputs for noise-free sound reproduction
  • Built in compressor & preamps
  • Build in 24bit effect processor

Yamaha DXS15 subwoofer:


  • Custom-designed transducer delivers an impressive output.
  • High-efficiency Class-D amplifier produces a smooth output.
  • 15-inch driver and 2.5-inch voice coil produce minimal distortion and clear, prominent response from 45Hz to 160Hz.
  • Built using resilient wooden enclosure with LINE-X coating.
  • 132dB maximum sound pressure level delivers a powerful sonic blast.
  • D-XSUB Bass Processing gives you an ideally balanced low-frequency response.
Speaker type 15″ powered subwoofer, Band-pass type
Frequency range (-10dB) 45Hz – 160Hz
Components LF Diameter:15″ cone, Voice Coil:2.5″
Output power Dynamic:950W / Continuous: 600W
Maximum output level (1m; on axis) 132dB SPL
Power consumption 120W
Power requirements 100V – 240V, 50Hz/60Hz


Shure SM58 Legendary Vocal Microphone

Legendary microphone ensuring accurate reproduction of vocal dynamics

For more info, visit:\ProAudio


Canare (Japan) high-quality, shielded, balanced cables equipped with Neutrik connectors for all your cabling and connection needs.

For more info, visit:

2x Speaker Stands

3x Mic Stands