Live Band Performance


Infinity Music is Malaysia’s premier MIDI-Fusion Live Band. Fusing acoustic instruments (like the chinese Er Hu and acoustic guitars) with state-of-the-art digital technologies (world’s most powerful keyboard – Yamaha Tyros 5 and digital electric guitar effects), the band is capable of delivering a bounless array of music styles ranging from golden Chinese and English oldies to the latest pop hits, jazz, boss nova to romantic ballads, rock, hip hop and all the way to advanced rave and dance tracks.

The unique identity and flexibility to deliver a great range of music with outstanding quality is what makes Infinity Music the preferred choice when it comes to live band performances that will mesmerize your guests and leave a live-lasting impact for your event!


MIDI-Fusion Live Band Performance:

  • MIDI means the use of digital music programming technology, allowing digital instruments to know in detailed precision when to play a note, what sounds and effects to use and how it should be delivered. Coupling MIDI programming with a powerful arranger keyboard like the Yamaha Tyros-5, we are able to arrange more than 16 super realistic audio and instrument tracks (coupled various advanced multi-effects) to perform simultaneously live. Unleashing the power of a full orchestra, a full rock band line up, or even the most sophisticated electronica dance track live to your event!
  • Fusion means openness in music, fusing acoustics instruments (including Chinese traditional instruments) with modern state-of-the-art digital technologies to unleash a wide range of musical possibilities.

Infinity Music is an independent recording band that provides both live performances as well as recording services.

Fusing acoustic instruments (which include the chinese traditional Er Hu & acoustic guitars) with state-of-the-art digital technologies (including multi-effect electric guitars and the world’s most powerful keyboard – Yamaha Tyros-5), Infinity Music is capable of delivering a wide range of musical styles from chinese and english oldies, to soothing instrumental performances, romanic ballads to latest hit songs, all the way to rock music and beat pumping dance tracks.


We offer 4 different band setup to suit your event and budget needs.

  • 2-piece MIDI Band
  • 3-Piece MIDI Fusion Band
  • 4-Piece MIDI-Fusion Band
  • 5-piece MIDI-Fusion Band