PA System & Equipment Rental


INFINITY MUSIC have very high expectations when it comes to sound and equipment quality. Because of that, it has gained a reputation of being one of the most trusted supplier that uses only the highest graded equipments from world renown brands, for all of its PA system components, ranging from the smallest connectors and cables to its large loudspeakers and subwoofer.


  • Yamaha’s best models for its mixers, loudspeakers and woofers
  • Canare, Japan – recording studio quality cables for all of its cables.
  • Neutrik, Germany connectors for all cable and equipment connections.

“100% quality, ZERO% weak links”

Because of its indisputable sound quality, attractive package prices and professional service, Infinity Music PA Systems have become the top choice for various events ranging from private party bashes, to wedding and gala dinners with >1000 audiences, indoor dance parties to the most challenging outdoor environment up in the mountains!

Ranging from an economical portable PA system set to a full fledged concert loudspeakers with bass thumbing subwoofers, we have just the right PA system package, quality and price range for your event needs.

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