Infinity Music – Package Selection Guide

Step 1: Choose the Number of Performers for Your Live Band

  • Choose from a minimum of 2 performers to a maximum of 5 performers.
  • More performers means more variety and better quality, but higher cost.
  • Most economical band package is the 2-piece band (one female vocalist and one Keyboardist/Male Vocalist).
  • We usually recommend a 3-piece band for typical events.
  • Summary of the various live band packages as below:

Package Guide - Choose Member


Step 2: Choose your PA System setup

  • Most venues do not allow you to use their existing PA system for Live Band Performance due to the risk of overloading their system.
  • Which package to choose depends on the size of your hall, the number of guest/audiences which relates to how many speakers you need.
  • Summary of the various live band packages as below:


Step 3: Choose your Emcee Package

  • Choose whether you wish to have a single language emcee (Chinese or English only) or a bi-lingual emcee (Chinese + English)
  • Decide whether you need emcee for one session only (dinner session only) or two sessions (ceremony + dinner session).
  • Summary of the various emcee packages as below:


Step 4: Add up your package prices, then apply the below discounts

  • If you take PA system with the band, you get 55% discount off from your PA system package price.
  • If you take Emcee with the band/PA System, you get additional RM150 off for emcee.


Step 5: Decide whether you need Other Services from Infinity Group

  • Do you need other services for your event like event photography, videography, instant photobooth, video life feed projection, projector rental services?
  • If yes, contact us at for more details.
  • Getting more services give you a better bulk volume discount on the price, relieves you the hassle from dealing with many different suppliers, ensures consistency in the quality of all services and make it easy for coordination during event preparation and the event actual day itself.