Other Equipment & Add ons


Add RM400 for 2 number of wireless mic.

Professional Wireless microphone (IVA UX-200D):

Features Accessories
· True diversity UHF receiving system
· Audio compression-expansion technology to reduce noise and increase dynamic range
· LCD panel for user-friendly information display
· Built-in 100 pre-set channels with iACT (Infrared Auto Channel Targetting) synchronization
· Fully digital controls for individual channels – frequency, volume, mute and squelch
· Output level and dynamic range are accurately pre-adjusted to match the
microphone capsule’s sensitivity, ensuring optimal performance
· Ideal wireless system for professional multipurpose venues
· Detachable antennas for safe storage
· 19″ ear-piece bracket supplied for rackmounting

· Robust, ergonomic housing design with LCD display panel for frequency and
battery power monitoring
· Rugged microphone grill with built-in anti-pop filter and anti-roll ring
· Excellent frequency response for accurate audio reproduction
· Extremely low-handling noise
· Low battery power consumption
· Using common “AA” size batteries

mixer n mic

Add on extra MSR400 loudspeaker for only RM350 each   

Add speakers to provide better coverage for larger halls and outdoor events

Yamaha MSR-400 Powered Speaker

  • Total of 400 watts Maximum Output Power.
  • 12-inch cone type woofer, 1.75inch high-frequency horn driver.
  • High quality monitor speakers.
  • Balanced inputs connectors for noise-free sound reproduction.
  • Input levels from -36 dB to +4 dB.
  • EEEngine technology provides maximum output with minimum power consumption.

msr-400speaker with stand

Add on extra MSR800W Powered Sub-Woofer for only RM450 each

For dance and party events requiring solid bass reinforcement

Yamaha DXS15 powered subwoofer

  • Yamaha’s high-end mixer.
  • 16 channels for large nos. of instrument, microphone, CD player inputs.
  • Balanced input and outputs for noise-free sound reproduction.
  • Built in compressor & preamps.
  • Build in 24bit effect processor.